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Cool company names for sale

Posted by John 27/12/2016 0 Comment(s)



9 Ways To Come Up With Cool Company Names 



When starting a business, you must always begin by coming up with short and cool company names. The name will represent who you are and your brand. There are times when coming up with a cool name for a company will be a breeze, but more often than not, the task is daunting and quite challenging.  If you are tasked to come up with cool company names, the first thing that you ought to do is to understand what makes a name cool. This is not easy. The answer is subjective. How you define this may be different from what other people think. The definition will also depend on your target market and the trend/s at present.  To help you in the process, here are some important considerations when thinking about cool names for your business:


1. The name must have good recall



If you are running an online music shop, for example, a cool company name that you could use would be TRRAX


It is a strong and catchy brand name and sounds like “tracks,”  so people can easily associate it  to what your business is about.









2. Come up with something that is original



The name has to stand out among the other businesses on the same line. It has to be something that is out of the box and an attention-getter. It is a no-no to copy or to create names that sound like other popular businesses. This will gain you a negative reputation. 




3. Make it short and sweet


Do not give your target market a hard time remembering your company name, whether you are running an online or an offline business. Short names are easier to remember. It is also more catchy this way.
A good example is WAVYS, which is catchy and has good recall. It is also easy to spell. This kind of name will be easily remembered by your target market with fondness.  




4. Make it pronounceable


While there are companies that succeed even if they use foreign-sounding names, this doesn’t happen in most cases, especially when you have only started with your venture. Whenever you meet people and tell them about your business, they have to remember it based on how it was pronounced. If the pronunciation is far from how it is spelled, they might jot down the wrong company name. What if they decide to check your website when they get home? They might be led to other sites that cater to the same services that you provide simply because these sites have better names than yours. 



5. Make it up


As much as possible, avoid using words that are found in the dictionary. You can use the tool to get inspiration to come up with something that sounds like a certain word. For example, if you are running a fitness or nutrition website, you can come up with names that are inspired from the word “diet.”  Instead of using diet , you could spice it up by coming up with something like The name sounds unique and has a strong recall. This can be easily associated with the kind of business that you have.


6. Use something that sounds like music to your ears


Come up with names that people will be delighted when they say it, something that will make them even sing while saying your company’s name. This early, you have to think of a company jingle that is inspired by the name. You never know, but you might hit it big soon enough and you will need this to further promote what you’ve got.



7. The name has to be adaptable


You have to think of how people would use it as part of their everyday language, even though you only made it up. When this happens, you will get a free promotion from every person who uses the word. Other people might ask what is it and they will explain about the company where they got the word from. 


8. Come up with something that other people will be curious to find out more about



Your company name has to give people the kind of appeal that after hearing it, they will do their own research to know more about it. 


9. It is your brand, so use something that will make you feel proud.


The process of coming up with cool company names is not easy, since you have to make several names in the beginning. The process doesn’t end here because you need to have the name trademarked as yours. It gets harder due to the fact that there are so many businesses out there and all of you are thinking and searching for the perfect name.

It is a good thing that there are sites that offer cool company names for sale. When you really can’t think of anything that is unique and will give you a good chance to stand out in the competitive market that you are in, you can always opt to check out cool company names for sale and buy the name that catches your fancy and would best catch the attention of your target niche as well. You just have to make sure that you will choose the kind of name that will best represent your brand.