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Brandable Domain Names

Posted by John 10/07/2015 0 Comment(s)


The perks of having a brandable domain names


Brandable Domain Names Value


In this age where internet is the main source of all sorts of information, having a website has become a smart move for small and large entrepreneurs alike. It is a way to brand self, an organization, or a company. The internet makes it easier for small businesses to start up and compete with the large fishes out there. It can bring any local business into a global level.


Back then, communication is not that easy as letters can take over a month to reach one person from one country to another. But on this modern day, anyone around the world that has a computer or even a mobile device connected to the internet can communicate quickly and easily.  This is to say that with just a click of the mouse, the whole world can know about your business. Can you still imagine yourself giving out flyers and placing advertising posters on walls (be it a legal or illegal place) to let people know about your new business? What better way to let the people know about your business than broadcast them on the internet? It definitely saves a lot of time and physical effort.


But using the internet for business is not enough. On the large world of the internet, having a unique identity is important. And brandable domain names is what makes it unique. A domain name becomes your own brand in the online world. If you want your online presence be known and felt by many, having a domain name is a way to go as having your own domain builds up your credibility and reputation.


The problem, however, is choosing a domain name. A domain name to be cannot be just any domain name. Not everyone remembers and if they did, it would be a chore to type it. And because of that users might have the tendency to bury your domain name to oblivion and search for other websites of businesses that have the same nature as yours. Losing potential customers because of a ridiculously long domain name doesn’t sound good. To be effective, it has to be short, easy to read, pronounceable, and catchy. This way, users will be able to easily remember your domain name, your brand. And users would definitely be coming back to your website and it wouldn’t be hard to refer your website to other potential customers as well, which could mean more traffic and higher chances of boosting your business to another level.


Analyze some brandable domain names. Choose a domain name that is short. They are always better for they are easy to remember and easier to type. Short brand-able domain names like those 5 letter domain names are preferable although they are not easy to come by. Names like or have definitely been sold a long time ago. The key to have a short domain name is to make it meaningful but should be easy to read and pronounce.


Choose an easy to read, easy to pronounce, and catchy domain name because it can definitely do a lot of wonders for your website, blog, product or service.


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