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What is a domain name ?

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Domain Terminology


What is a domain name ?


A domain name is an identification string that represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a server computer hosting a web site, or the web site itself. Each website has a domain name that serves as an unique address, which is used to access the website. The domain name appears in the address bar of the web browser. Domain names have a domain suffix, like  .com, .net, or .org.  Internet domain suffixes are what help identify domain names on the Internet. 





A domain suffix is the last part of a domain name and is often referred to a "top-level domain" or TLD. Popular domain suffixes include ".com," ".net," and ".org," but there are dozens of domain suffixes approved by ICANN. Each domain suffix is intended to define the type of website represented by the domain name. For example, ".com" domains are meant for commercial websites, whereas ".org" domains are to be used by organizations. However many individuals and organizations register ".com" domain names for non-commercial purposes, since the ".com" domain is the most recognized.






ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. Two letter suffic, such as .it (Italy), .uk (United Kingdom), .jp (Japan), are called Country Code Top Level Domains and correspond to a geographic location -  country, territory, etc




DNS stands for Domain Name System. Network resources are identified by a unique numeric IP addresses which is a string of numbers, like a telephone numberAs numeric IP addresses are hard to remember by humans, DNS translates domain names, which can be easily remembered, into corresponding IP addresses. For example, the domain name might translate to So instead of typing you can type






IP address

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. Such devices are computers, printers etc. 





A domain name registrar is an organization that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. Registrars help individuals and organizations register a domain name. Legitimate domain name registrars are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Registrars are competitive retailers of domain names.





The person or business that registers domain name/s is called domain name registrant. Domain registration is the process of registering a domain name at any Registrar like GoDaddy, NAME, Namecheap, 1&1, Gandi etc. Domain names are registered for a set period of time. Once expired, anyone else may be able to register the same domain and claim ownership for a further period.




Domain transfer

There are 2 types of Domain Name Transfers - Push Transfers (at same registrar) and Regular Transfers (between different registrars)


Push transfer. Our domain names are held at and GoDaddy calls push transfers  'account changes' and calls push transfers  'internal transfers'.  If you don't have an account at the registrar where your purchased domain is registered, please create a free account. Your customer ID and email address associated with GoDaddy or NAME is required to push the domain to your account. As soon as we receive the required account information from you, we will initiate the push transfer using your account information.  Once the transfer is initiated, you will receive an email notification from the receiving registrar with instructions to confirm the push transfer.  Domain push transfer is only possible If we and you are using the same registrar. Push transfer is very fast and can be done within hours. 


Regular transfer If your purchased domain is registered by Brandnamebook for example at GoDaddy, but you are intending to transfer it to different registrar, we must execute a regular transfer. This takes 5-7 working days. In this case, you, as buyer, must initiate the transfer.






Escrow is a service, a financial instrument held by a third party on behalf of the seller and the buyer in a transaction. The Escrow company is an independent, trusted company and acts as a third-party agent, The Escrow company collects funds from the Buyer and holds it until the terms of the sale have been met by both parties involved. Once complete, the escrow company sends the funds to the seller. The seller will only receive the funds for the domain name or for the website once it has been transferred to the buyer. Escrow makes the transaction processsafer safer for both parties. Some of the most trusted Escrow companies are,






ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an internationally organized, non-government, non-profit corporation with responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top Level Domain name system management, protocol identifier assignment, and root server system management functions. 






All domain name registries operate a Whois server that store the registered users of domain names registered with them. The Whois service contains registrant, administrative, technical and billing contact information provided by registrars for domain name registrations. Whois can also be used to find out whether a domain name is available or has already been taken.