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Five Letter Domain Names are In, 4-Letters are Out

Posted by John 10/11/2015 0 Comment(s)


Five Letter Domain names are In,


Four Letter Domain names are Out


You’ve done your research. You’ve established a business. You’ve seen the potential sales. Now, you want to make your presence felt around the world by having a website. You want to build your reputation. You want to boost your credibility. You want to be trusted. You want to have an identity – a brand name. You have finally decided to have a domain name. But where do you start?


Choosing your domain name can rather be a difficult task. Hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas will come sprouting into your mind and not one of them may be good enough. And if you think you have one on mind – they are either too long or too difficult to read and it just might sound too tacky or lousy for a professional brand. Yes, coming up with a unique domain name is one of the most challenging tasks in building your online brand.


There are a lot of factors you need to consider. A .com domain name does not have to be long. Long and complicated domain names are not easy to remember and harder for people to type, which can also be prone to typing errors. And it would not be easy to share it to other people. A short domain name, on the other hand, is easy to remember and easy to share.


Shorter domain names are always better. Businesses that use short domain names tend to be more successful in building up their brand. However, shorter and memorable names are not easy to come by. Internet has existed since 1994, all the 3 or 4 letter .com domain names that you can think of have definitely been bought. These are all gone. And the ones containing 5 letters are gaining popularity nowadays. As a matter of fact, such are being taken very rapidly as well.


Five letter domain names have an edge over the others because they are not long and not too short either. The length is just perfect for a name to be easily remembered yet can stand out and sound big. It is wise to invest on decent 5 letter domain names while they are not yet extinct like those 4 letter ones.


5 letter domain names are now the greatest hit. Investing in five letter domain names are definitely something you might want to think about. There is a huge potential in it as it is certainly getting hard to look for a sensible and pronounceable domain name. The demand and prices for a 5 letter domain name could rise up drastically depending how good a name is. It definitely increases its worth in time.


So if you are thinking of branding and getting your business known online, start an extensive research on which domain names are available, and preferably go for those brand-able domain names that consists of five letters only. Do not hesitate to cash out some money for a short, decent, pronounceable, and sensible 5 letter domain name. After all, it’s going to be your band. You will never go wrong.


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